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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ways To Stay In Touch, Network & Stay Sane

If you have worked anywhere for any length of time, not having a job to go to every day can start to drive you a little nuts. Sure at first, it can be like a much needed vacation. But, after a while of endlessly looking for a new job, the “vacation” effect soon wears off.

What I and the rest of my co-worker’s a.k.a. co-layoffer’s have been doing is to get together once a week for lunch. 1. You have a chance to get out of the house, 2. You have a chance to socialize with your peers, 3. You get to network face to face and 4. Exchange possible job information.

Tips on layoff lunches:
  • Try to keep the restaurant choices on the less expensive side (cheep), in this economy we all need to save money!
  • Even in large urban areas, try to keep the restaurant location in a centralized area to cut down on commuting.
  • Be conscious of the rest of the groups diets (Diabetes, food allergies, vegans, vegetarians, Muslims, etc.)
  • Finally, if you have a large group, don’t choose restaurant’s that have small areas. You may also need to make reservations.

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