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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Journey From Engineer To Blogger

At the beginning of this year, I was part of a mass layoff at the company that I had been with for over 27 years. Aside from working for my parents company in high school and my photography business at the same time, taking and selling picture at the local high school sport’s events, I have never had any other “real” job. Now, well over forty, I am either over qualified or not qualified enough to find another job in another field.

Now, with the economy the way it is and so many companies laying people off, there are fewer and fewer jobs for anyone. Searching for jobs on the unemployment website is a joke for any kind of technical job. Dealing with the unemployment people if you have a problem is next to impossible, due to so many people unemployed. The last time that I had to call the unemployment, I was on the phone (on hold) for close to an hour. Who has the time for that? I know, I am not working but still.

My hope for this blog is to first of all find me a job but, to also help others find quality job search sites and other helpful links. If you have any good links to job search sites and related sites geared to the unemployed/laid off, please post a comment.